ASIA & INDIA Healthy Travel [Lonely Planet]   Prix: 14.95 €
ASIA & INDIA Healthy Travel [Lonely Planet]
Asia and India


28 août 2008

Lonely planet, Victoria (Australie)

Healthy travel

456 p. - 14 x 10 cm
Ed. en anglais

Getting the most out of a trip to Asia and India means staying healthy. This user-friendly book is an indispensible guide to minimising health risks for travellers throughout the region, from the Mekong Valley to the Nepal Himalaya. Tailored advice for travellers of all ages and needs, clear advice on treating common travel illnesses, safety tips for outdoor action, including diving and high-attitude trekking, guide to traditional Asian medicine, comprehensive first aid section. Freshly updated by travel health expert Dr Tony Gherardin, Healthy Travel Asia & India provides advice on pre-trip planning including immunisations and medical kits, staying healthy white on the move, and what to do if you run into problems.

-Réf: 9781740591447