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Dear all,

Apna Ghar Premiar League ( Volley Ball Match )

On 17 Feb we conducted Apna Ghar Premier League Program for Volley Ball Match at Apna Ghar Ground.for this we formed four franchise . these are -

- 1. Mars - owner- Prabhat Kumar

- 2. Jupiter - owner - Rohit Kumar

- 3. Neptune - owner - Santosh Kumar

- 4. Pluto - owner - Kamta Kumar

This game begin with Auctioning of teams.we distributed 3- 3 lakhs virtual rupees to the owner of all teams. In this process 28 players were participated in which Sarthak got highest cost 1 lakh 77 thousand, Pranjul got 1 lakh 20 thousand and Sonu got lowest cost 20 thousand. The game started with league match. all teams played with each league match Mars team got 5 points, Pluto got 4 points and rest of team got 2-2 points. The final match was played between Mars and Pluto and Pluto won the final match with remarkable performance.

All children played very well and gave their best performance. we also got some new emerging players like Nazi , Kuldeep and Sanjay. thanks to all players for their active participation and support.

following is the link for photos of this program. please enjoy it.




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